12 hours in the life of a fitness professional

“At first I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book”. (Bridesmaids, 2011.)

Behind the seemingly glamorous existence of a professional in the Fitness Industry lies…whatever the opposite of glamorous is. From blow-by-sleep-deprived-blow Marie will share with you an insider’s view of what it’s really like to work in the fitness industry.

12 hours in the life of a fitness professional is part expose, part memoir and part (surprisingly) informative.

Whether you are a fitness industry professional or simply curious there are insights we can all enjoy such as “the changeroom is no time for hobbies. Especially naked ones”.

Client Testimonials

Marie Anagnostis

As a fitness devotee from a young age (starting when her Mum would take her to aerobics classes to watch from the side-lines), it was inevitable that Marie would wind up working in the fitness industry: “I didn’t even realise not going to the gym was an option”.

Marie started her fitness career part-time as a personal trainer in 2005 while working her full-time job at Nestle headquarters in Sydney as a Marketing Co-ordinator. Marie always loved group fitness as a participant from the early days with her Mum, so soon after qualifying as a personal trainer she started collecting Les Mills group fitness qualifications starting with: BODYATTACK 52, BODYPUMP 60, BODYSTEP (repressed), CX30 (release 3), GRIT (very first release) and most recently BODYBALANCE 77. In and amongst these qualifications Marie started working at Les Mills Asia Pacific headquarters as a Marketing Co-ordinator and later, Marketing Manager. In between stints at Les Mills headquarters, Marie also managed and coached at an F45 studio in Canberra. Most recently Marie has gained her CrossFit Coach Level 1, mat Pilates and reform Pilates qualifications.

Today, Marie owns 2 UBX Boxing + Strength studios in Canberra while teaching BODYPUMP, BODYBALANCE and reform Pilates in various gyms across Canberra.

If Marie isn’t in a gym she is writing about the gym. She hopes that in her style she can demystify and debunk stereotypes about fitness in the hope that people will fall in love with movement in a way that can change their life, just like it’s changed hers.

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